besides creating and selling her own creations, jane frank also does custom designs, wedding jewelery and repairs but also conveys her knowledge and technical skills in jewelery classes, offered at her own studio WERKSTATT in the old north end.

in her fully equipped studio, she teaches basic techniques like sawing, drilling, filing and soldering on all skill levels and helps her students (5 to 7) to develop designs, create their own pieces of jewelery, make their own wedding bands or modify existing jewelry.


day classes: mondays or thursdays: 9:30am – 12pm (4x)
fees: $160/ month, excludes material
night classes: thursdays: 6pm – 8pm (4x)
fees: $130/ month, excludes material
sunday class: 10am – 1pm
fees: $75, excl. material (please contact jane for next available class)
summer camps: summer camps for teenagers, please contact jane frank for detailed information
make your own wedding bands: please call for appointments
bachelorette jewelry making: please call for appointments
private lessons: $75/hour - please call for appointments
birthday classes, mother-daughter or family class, valentines day, mothers day, holiday gifting classes etc.: please call for appointments
special classes: $120/6 hour class, plus material - precious metal clay, stone setting, sandcasting - please ask for detailed information